Whole Foods Market is one of the premier organic and natural food grocers in the US. They had outgrown their old baking operation in Plantation, Florida and were moving into a new one in Pompano Beach. But the new facility needed substantial renovations in its cold storage areas.

Whole Foods asked Griffin to renovate and expand the cooler and freezer spaces at the new facility. This included putting in 60,000 square feet of insulated floor space and installing 125,000 square feet of insulated metal paneling. We insulated not just the freezers and coolers, but the loading dock area as well.

We installed 4” metal insulated panels in the refrigerated storage areas and 6” insulated panels in the freezer areas. The city also asked us to add a 7” firewall between expanded area and the original facility, which we were able to do. Renovating the original facility included several technical challenges including a floor that had to be ripped out and replaced and ceilings with varying height elevations, but this was all in a day’s work for us.

The new facility is now in full operation, with 68 people producing 150 types of baked goods for twenty-four Florida stores, twenty-two hours a day.

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