Factory Insulated Metal Panels
Properly installed panels will seal in the cold and give you an energy efficient facility. We are experts in insulation.
Floors and Vapor Barriers
We can help you ensure you have a properly insulated floor that can withstand both the cold and the test of time.
Electronic Insulated Doors
We can install high speed electronic doors which allow quick access for forklifts with a minimum of cold seepage.
Pipes and Cooling Vessels
We have a specialized division just for insulating pipes, vessels, and cold storage plants.
Maintain and Repair
We can replace old insulation, install new doors and insulated floors, and build out new areas.

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Goya is the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States, importing thousands of food products from the Caribbean, Central and South America. As they continued to expand, Goya contracted Griffin to help them open a new, state-of-the-art distribution center in South Florida.  The new center included three coolers with freezer capability and 85,000 square feet of insulated floor space.
Hellman Worldwide is a logistics firm with a global supply chain and branches in 157 different countries. They reached out to Griffin for a major expansion at their headquarters for the Americas in Doral, Florida. We built out 20,000 square feet of brand new insulated floor space, furnishing and installing three pre-coolers, as well as dock seals for loading and unloading.
Not all our customers are in the food industry! Passion Growers supplies ethically sourced and environmentally friendly roses to supermarkets and grocery stores. Started in 2001, the company now ships over 200 varieties of roses to more than 5,000 stores around the country. With growth like that, they needed a new, larger refrigerated facility just outside of Miami, and they needed it quickly.

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Most important events in our company history.
Incorporated in Tamarac, FL
Moved into office and warehouse in Pompano Beach
Opened second office in North Palm Beach
Patricia Quinn joins us as office manager
Consolidated operations with Insulated Structures of Orlando, FL