At Griffin Insulated Structures we build and maintain coolers and freezers and that’s it.  You might think that if you can build a house, you can build a freezer, but that just isn’t the case. Cold storage is a highly specialized type of work and we focus on it exclusively. That’s why we are able to offer the best cold storage solutions – from the pipes to the doors to the floors – at the best price.


We install factory-insulated metal panels

We install panels on the walls and ceilings and we also wrap columns. Properly installed panels will seal in the cold and give you an energy efficient facility. Our partnerships allow us to buy quality panels at the right price.

We install insulated floors and vapor barriers

Rooms below 35 degrees require proper floor insulation and vapor barriers to withstand both cold and the test of time.


We install electronic and manual insulated doors

Our average insulated door is between 4 and 6 inches thick. We can install high speed electronic doors which allow quick access for forklifts with a minimum of cold seepage, as well as personnel doors and security doors.

We insulate pipes and cooling vessels

We have a specialized division just for insulating pipes, vessels, and cold storage plants. An improperly insulated mechanical room will fill up with ice and lose efficiency. Rooms insulated by Griffin will stay clean and dry.


We maintain and repair existing facilities

If you are having issues with your existing cold storage, or are looking to expand, give us a call. We can replace old insulation, install new doors and insulated floors, and build out new areas. We think you’ll be pleased with the results.